"What are we, without darkness? Without shadows? And without secrets?"

Background Edit

The rogue in the trio of Imperial warriors, Crowe is sneaky and silent, swooping in to catch the enemy off-guard. He's the most reckless.

His Shadow Touched abilities have given him the power of shadow mimicry which allows him to reform his body into the very darkness around him. Due to having Light blood, however, the sun and other bright sources of light do not harm him but they will jar him from out of his shadow form.

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Art By: fallowtail

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Abilities Edit

  • Shadow Mimicry
  • Enhanced Assassination
  • Inaudible Movement
  • Seduction Intuition
  • Charmspeaking

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Marina is his mate and he returns to her, Crowe is secretly seeing other dragons behind her back.
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