Background Edit

Crystal is the founder and current leader of the Order of the Broken Veil. She founded the group as a research coalition but due to a rip in reality the group shifted it's focus to worshiping the broken reality.

Crystal's Origins are unknown, having no memories of an originating clan, homeland, or even parents. Her earliest memories go back to wandering the Crystalspine Reaches in search of a home, eventually just digging one out for herself. It was at this point she met Stormbringer, and from there she goes on to found her research coalition.

Personality Edit

Crystal, while holding the official title of empress, acts more as a mother to the clan. She is sweet and selfless, and often spends much of her free time helping around the temple she lives in. This includes cleaning, caring for eggs and hatchlings, healing the wounded, tending to the sick, and whatever else may need doing.

Crystal is also very restless. She needs to constantly be doing something to keep herself sated. Often times when she is sitting and seemingly doing nothing, she is actually working through complex problems in her head. Even then she will eventually get up to get herself working, as she hates wasted time.

The kindness she exudes is abruptly cut off the moment there is a threat to her clan. Whether it be a monster, a hoard, or even a rival clan, if a threat is made, she will become ruthless. Diplomacy is always an option, but she backs her diplomacy with sharp claws and powerful magic, and she isn't afraid to make an example if it means her family can sleep better at night.

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