The Confidant of the Red Kingdom.


Marked by his pale plumage as an ill omen among his species, Daire was abandoned by his clan of birth before he had grown old enough to form clear memories of them. Lost, alone, and hungry, he wandered without knowing where he was bound, and was found on the brink of starvation on the outskirts of Red Kingdom territory by Raghnailt. Though not inclined towards sentimentality, she took pity on the young Coatl and carried him back to the lair, where Ruaidhri took him in immediately and saw him nursed back to health. He swore himself to his new clan as soon as he was well enough to understand where he was, and took up a position as his new king's personal guard, which he retains to this day.

As time passed, he also began to form strong relationships with the rest of his clan, particularly with the sorceress Caoimhe, and after a long courtship agreed to be her mate; it is through his association with her and the powers she commands that his naturally pale colouration began to gradually take on brighter tones. He is still fairly solitary in nature, however, and despite his loyalty to his clan and care for his clanmates, he is close to few.

Clan Role Edit

Daire is unflinchingly loyal to his clan, and particularly to the king who took him in and personally saw to his recovery. He serves as Ruaidhri's personal bodyguard, as well as his confidant and friend, and puts his wishes above all other considerations; only his devotion to Caoimhe comes close. He also keeps an eye on the opinions and moods of the clan, and brings matters of significance to the attention of his rulers.

Personality Edit

A devoted bodyguard and consummate professional, Daire is virtually always on the job. Where Ruaidhri's wishes, Ruaidhri's safety, and the safety of the clan (in that order) is concerned, he is implacable, iron-willed, and ferocious; in all other cases, he has a tendency to fade into the background—a state of affairs he encourages, as it makes it easier for him to do his job. Solemn, reserved, and quietly humble, he rarely speaks up in public or makes his core of strength known—but his clan knows, and trusts him all the more for it. In rare circumstances when he is put in formal command of the guards, he is extremely observant and thoroughly competent; like many self-confident loners, he has a knack for leadership based more on good example than outright command.

Relationships Edit

  • Ruaidhri: King, friend, and subject of his guard.
  • Caoimhe: Partner and lover.
  • Mallaidh: Ruaidhri's consort and a colleague.
  • Oisin: Eimhear's consort and a colleague.

Daire is bisexual.

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