The Plague Doctor of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Plague born and bred, Damhan was born in one of the petty kingdoms on the outskirts of the Red Kingdom; he made his way to the larger clan at a young age, already harbouring ambitions of being a legendary doctor. Ruaidhri was happy to nurture that ambition, especially if it could be put to use in the service of the clan—then lacking a healer entirely—and welcomed him into the kingdom. But ambition was not the only thing that drew Damhan to the Red Kingdom: the clan was well known for its devotion to the Plaguebringer, and it was there, in disease and death, that his core interest lay.

With the arrival of Brigh, herself a healer with powerful life magic, Damhan found himself for the first time with a colleague whose skillset was magnetically compatible with his. They became fast friends, then partners when, two months into their acquaintance, Brigh asked him to be her mate. They have been working and living alongside each other ever since, despite the difference in their sizes and abilities.

Clan Role Edit

Along with Brigh, Damhan is one of two healers of the body in the Red Kingdom. His focus is on disease, death, and soothing the hurts of those who are expected to die, while Brigh's is on life, injury, and aiding in the recovery of those expected to get better. Despite these disparate domains, however, there is a fair bit of overlap in their work, and they often work as a pair. In addition to his duties as a healer, Damhan also specifically deals with the corpses of any members of the clan or visitors who die.

Personality Edit

As befitting a doctor of Plague and death, Damhan has something of a morbid turn of mind. Nothing seems to disgust or horrify him, and he has a philosophical acceptance of death, having virtually no difficulty with accepting the loss of a patient or companion. He has a pragmatic turn of mind, but it hides a deep passion for his work and for the understanding of disease—he and his mate are kindred in this. He tends towards reticence, but is surprisingly fond of being around company for his demeanour and predilections, and he tends to flourish best when surrounded by intensity.

Relationships Edit

  • Brigh: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Conlaed: Clan alchemist and a collaborator.
  • Enna: Clan inventor and a collaborator.
  • Aine: Clan flower-keeper and a collaborator.
  • Eithne: Clan scout and a friend.
  • Eimhin: Clan scavenger and a friend.

Damhan is bisexual.

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