Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

December loved to explore ruins, so much that she volunteered to explore the small territory of the Hewn City that the clan bought.

She was an avid reader of the history of the ruins, and was knowledgeable on what many of the markings mean.

She helped her grandparents, June and Junio with their exploration of the Hewn City.

Personality Edit

December was easily excited and on high energy. Her high energies were good for exploration, but a downfall for studying or reading.

Relationships Edit

June: Her grandmother

Junio: Her grandfather

Death Edit

She was turned hostile by Shade infection while researching the Hewn City. She was instructed to kill a dragon known as Naperone while Shade infected, and he killed her. To this day everyone thinks it was Fireworks who had accidentally killed December while Shade infected as well.

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