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Denarres was the only boy of the first clutch born to Saphire and Thero, and the only one of the clutch Saphire saw fit to be sent to the Arcanist. He was the first Exaltee of The Clan of the Lapidia

Personality Edit

Denarres was chosen to be exalted over his two siblings because he possessed the calm mind of his father and had a confident, yet humble, air about him, unlike his sisters. Tenelle was too timid and Shaneya was too fierce. Saphire decided that only Denarres was fit to serve under the respected deity, as he was soft-spoken yet confident.

History Edit

Denarres was the only boy of the three faes to be born out of Saphire's and Thero's first clutch. As he grew up, he lived the life of a normal hatchling, getting in and out of shenanigans with his sisters and having fun. Knowing he was to be exalted to the Arcanist didn't worry him like it might have other hatchlings.

Shortly after he became mature, Denarres was trained by his parents to serve under the Arcanist and was then sent away to the Observatory .

Denarres is notable as he was not only the clan's first exaltee, the first representative of their clan under the Arcanist, but he is also the first son of Saphire and Thero. Tales of the Fae are often told to young dragons of the clan as encouragement to be trained to serve under the Arcanist.

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