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Denutena's Candyclan is sweet like a sugar coated candyclan - much like the dragons who live here! The skilful magicians of the Clan have enchanted a large lump of land to float in the air. On that piece of land, the Clan has built a giant, towering building with many wings and balconies sticking out. It looks a bit sketchy, but they've made sure it's safe. This is where almost all of the dragons live and sleep.

The giant building occupies about a quarter of the land. In the middle is a Clan Square, where the dragons show off, hand out and trade their crafted or acquired goodies, where they throw parties, share meals together, hang out and greet visitors. The Clan Square is the heart and center of Denutena's Candyclan. Other, smaller buildings are located around the Square, like the Council's meeting hall, the daycare/youth centre, the Scribble Sphere, and other stuff I haven't thought of yet. There's also a beautiful garden, and a small air dock with an air ship with giant balloons.

Everything is very colourful, and not a wall, corner, nook, item, nothing is safe from being decorated with anything from shiny stones and feathers to intricate paint and glitter patterns. It's like a beautiful fairy island, except with dragons instead of faries. Very peaceful, lots of fun, and not a cloud in the sky! (Although they do have a giant tarp to hang from the buildings over the Clan Square in case it rains.)

Naming Tradition Edit

In Denutena's Candyclan, it's tradition for parents not to name their children. The dragons hold a strong believe that names hold a lot of energy and power, and as such, they have the capacity of predetermining a dragon's character and life choices to some extent. Instead, dragons gets to name themselves after they've grown, learned things about the world and themselves, and have discovered who they truly are. Yes, even names like Cookie and SparkleSnot require such a journey of self exploration.

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