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Dew was born in a small, carefully dug den on the outer edge of the crystalline reaches to a loving pair of Fae parents. She was the only child of a clan-less couple, so her upbringing was very sheltered, and she was unintentionally left unprepared for the outside world.

When she left her parents to make a life for herself, she bit off a bit more than she could chew while attempting to fend off a wily sparrow mouse from her ramshackle den. Luckily for her, a scrappy (and in her eyes, quite handsome) young Fae named Etheas witnessed the scuffle and swooped in to scare the sparrow mouse off.

Etheas found her naiveté quite charming, and Dew was enamored with his intellect. Eventually they would become the progenitors of Abraxas after meeting many new friends on their travels across Sornieth.

She and Etheas eventually had a falling out, like most young lovers do. Due to his decision to change his breed, their communication suffered greatly, and Dew decided to head to the observatory to serve the Arcanist for a time. She grew to sorely miss her companion during her time away, and eventually returned to Abraxas.

Upon her return, Dew embraced the fact that she and Etheas would forever be bumbling through communication and made the decision to undergo a breed change into a Pearlcatcher; she presumed that if they were both lacking their expressive Fae crests the playing field would at least be even. While their relationship will never return to what they first had, she truly cherishes Etheas and will always love him, as he will always love her.

Dew found new love with Xena, Abraxas' first volunteer member and one of their dedicated protectors.

Personality Edit

Dew is a very sweet and mellow dragon, who enjoys the simpler things in life, such as gathering wildflowers, or taking an afternoon nap under the dappled shade of a great tree. She dipped her toes into combat and decided that it wasn't for her, so instead she spends her days foraging for materials for the clan or teaching hatchlings to make daisy chains.

Her favorite thing is picking flowers to bring home to Xena.

Appearance Edit

Dew is a green Pearlcatcher with brown wings. She enjoys bedecking herself in flowers and other natural fashions.

Abilities Edit

Dew has the basic spell-caster abilities of meditation and contuse. She doesn't have the heart for fighting, however, and leaves clan defense to the more capable dragons.

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