Founder and member of the Starwood Sanctuary.

Appearance Edit

Dinaer is sleek and lithe for a Nocturne, a trait retained from his mirror origins. Likewise, much like an Earthen husky, he has two light purple spots above his eyes, a false set of second eyes. His hide is bright and shining, a rainbow of color reflecting off hard scales. Din's wings are wide, thankfully, rendering him capable of flight that had long eluded him. While his wings do not share the rainbow tints of his scales, the membranes shimmer and glitter in the light, shimmering like dripping oil, a lingering blessing from the Shadowbinder. Smoky patterns, something like clouds, flicker behind the rainbow scales and glittery flashes, constantly shifting and moving.

Din, a seasoned fighter, is not without injury. The most prominent scarring is on his hands and forearms, when he was plunged into the Wyrm-Wound. He has other scars and scrapes, tatters along the edges of his wings, nicks in spines, a few chipped teeth.

Dinaer is dressed in armor that befits his Shadowy heritage, though there are a few constants that don't quite seem to fit. On his shoulder is eternally perched a small, fat, bright pink bird. The creature simply will not move from the dragon's shoulder, and squawks irritably at anyone who comes too close. The nocturne carries with him a single pink rose, given by a long-lost lover, and as of late he has taken to wearing a small, shimmering citrine ring, though neither Fayore nor Mundus know where it came from, and Dinaer gets flustered and quickly changes the subject when questioned.

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Abilities Edit

  • Thinger One
  • Thinger Two
  • Thinger Three

Backstory Edit

Dinaer's tale is a sad one, and one rife with hardship.

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