Overview Edit

Even though dragons are looking up to her, she, like most mirrors, doesn't believe in hierarchy and thinks of everyone as equals.

She wants to know someone very well before allowing them into the clan, but think everyone as a say in those decisions.

She's autistic and in very populated areas, the sensory input of other creatures' heat signatures can become overwhelming.
She spent a part of her hatchlinghood in a mirror pack, but the crowd, and the loudness, and the closeness, were unbearable, and she had to leave and learn how to survive on her own. Her meeting with Contagion was life-saving. Xe was the one who came up with the idea of her forming her own clan. By doing so, she could help and be helped, support and be supported.
They met Cedrat almost right away. She would later become Disorder's partner.

She considers herself to be a warrior and a huntress above all else.

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