The Complete Library of All the Clans and Lairs of Sornieth Wikia
The Complete Library of All the Clans and Lairs of Sornieth Wikia

A stray dragon who wandered into Krajan lands at an age much too old to be adopted, Drachenstein was nevertheless welcomed into the family with open arms. Initially unsure of his place, he eventually settled into role as Clan Historian.


Drachenstein's history is not well known to the Clan; he simply wandered into their lands one day and when it was discovered he was lost and could not remember the way home, or indeed anything other than that he had no family left, he was given a place among them. In the beginning Drachenstein, who quickly told the Clan to simply call him 'Drach', was not sure of his place. He didn't think he had anything particularly noteworthy to contribute to the Clan's wellbeing, and for a short time he wandered between groups attempting to find something he could do to help though none of these attempts worked out in his favor.

And then they learned he could record information. There was an immediate flurry of activity, as Drach had shown a passion for history and recording information in writing and images (perhaps a remnant of his dissatisfaction at being unable to remember something as basic as the way home, once upon a time), and the older Clan members had friends and family who had since left that they wished to remember in the future. Drach was instilled as the clan's official historian, recording the clan's daily activities and beginning a complete listing of all dragons who had ever walked the clan lair.




Drachenstein is a rather quiet dragon, studious and polite if a bit slow to respond to things.


  • Recording the daily activity of the clan members each evening, a process which involves many hours of observation and interviews with note taking.
  • Creating and maintaining a list of all current and former clan members
  • Creating and maintaining the official clan family tree(s)




A female pearlcatcher who was brought into the clan to be Drach's mate, the clan quickly discovered that Inatoro was in fact his paternal aunt whom he had never met until she joined his new clan. Mating plans were quickly scrapped and the two have since become close, working together on his history projects.


Drach's fae-turned-pearlcatcher grandson and Inatoro's mate; Cloud and Drach get along fairly well but their interests do not coincide so most of their time together is a result of their mutual relations with the female pearlcatcher.


  • A side effect of his position is that he has unintentionally established himself as the "dragon to see" when it comes to learning another dragon's preferences, due to the amount of time he spends observing and learning about clan members for the records.
  • He's nearsighted and his glasses are not just for show.
  • Has a love of colorful sweaters, despite being uncomfortably warm in warmer weather.