This minor deity was granted her gift of immortality after saving dragonkind from the most dangerous and destructive of all, a massive emperor. Now she protects dragonkind from dangers and getting hopelessly lost.

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Description Edit

Her True Form Edit

She is a living constellation, Her body made of stars, crafted from the deities themselves. Every single piece of clothing she wears will turn to stars upon dressing as well.

Her Mortal Form Edit

She can shift her mortal form as she pleases, shifting the colors and patterns as she wishes. She is rarely in this form and it's usually to trick others into believing she's completely normal.

Personality Edit

Prior to Becoming a Deity Edit

She was a trickster, loving to play jokes, some more mean than others, to pass the time.

Now Edit

She's a rather mellow and quiet individual, rarely speaks. Sure she likes to tease still but it's no more than a joke here or there and almost never with mortals.

History Edit

Early Years Edit

born yada yada

Teen Years Edit

text text and pimples

Young Adult Life Edit

do dA do

The Creation of a Deity Edit

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Her Realm Edit

What She Rules Over Edit

She presides over all of dragonkind, her watchful eye quick to catch and guard them. Since the major deities are always busy she's tasked to help those who they cannot worry over. If the stars guide your path back it is said that it is her helping the weary traveler back home, safe.

If the deities need to talk to their mortal patrons or each other over long distances she sometimes has the duty of messenger to convey thoughts between both themselves and their loyal patrons.

Her Powers Edit

This neutral deity doesn't have the creative or destructive powers of the 11 major deities of Sorneith but instead is similar to the mortal dragons with exception of her immotality.

Where She Lives Edit

She is able to slip into the night sky and become a constellation of Sorneith, able to watch all of dragonkind. She tends to stay there unless she feels she is needed in which she peels from the sky and helps.

Legends and Stories of Her Edit

here's where some legends go, #2 Header to name it and feel free to tell others what your storytellers say.

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