[Dubhghlas] (doo-glass), generally pronounced as "Douglas"

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Personality/Overview Edit

Dubhghlas came to the clan fully grown and incredibly maladjusted. He's loud, brash, fairly aggressive, defensive, and has a terrible temper. For some reason that no one can get out of him, he really really hates the Ice flight and is incredibly vocal about it. He once started a huge fight with Apatemyidae by insisting that "no fat lazy ice dragon should ever be so revered nor in such a position of power". The fight wasn't actually over his terribly baiting remarks, but instead due to his careless and derogatory commentary regarding Ap's mate, PC. Needless to say, he lost the fight quite badly and was reminded that the social hierarchy of the clan came about for a reason.

Dubhghlas has a terrible reputation within the clan because of these sort of incidents and his inability to filter a good portion of his commentary. Feeling quite ostracized and incredibly embarrassed after the incident with Ap, he began taking advantage of his excellent night vision by sleeping all day and digging all night. It was Dave who approached him after a while and began working with him. The two became fast friends, and although he'd never admit it, he looks up to her in the way she always really wanted someone to, and would come to her defense in an instant.

He's been getting better at interacting with other dragons, and is slowly working out his prejudices. He still has a bad reputation among much of the clan and it has an unfortunate tendency to precede him whenever new dragons join the clan. Because of this, he still has relatively few friends and is not thought well of in many circles.

Dubhghlas, although a mirror, has a passion for vegetables. From time to time he will wake up during the daylight hours and brave the line to the hoard in order to ask if any of the gatherers have brought in any new vegetables. There is little competition for the plants, as relatively few dragons eat them within the clan, but he finds it an ordeal all the same, and is not known to make the effort often. Despite the low competition for vegetables within the clan, Dubhghlas is relatively paranoid that someone will try and take them from him, and buries them in a special nook of his quarry. From time to time he will dig them all up and move them.

Physical Edit

Dubhghlas is a rather stocky mirror whose body and wings are both a deep midnight color, which was common for his family. Also like much of his genetic family, he has the circuit pattern, his being teal. It is one of the few things he genuinely likes about himself, and is a common motif for his possessions.

It is worth noting that he is extremely physically resilient, and has bounced back from many injuries or circumstances that would have killed any other dragon. Dubhghlas also runs an extremely low average body temperature, which has been directly linked to his heritage as a Shadow dragon.

He has exceptional eyesight and night vision, often able to see much further than anyone else, and able to see in practically complete darkness.

Physical Injuries Edit

Due to a lifetime of getting into fights, time spent being a guard, and a terrible tragedy in his youth, his hide is covered in thick scarring that often impedes physical movement.

Most notable among his scarring is the extensive damage to his right hind leg, which, although it healed, cannot bear much weight. He wears a brace on this leg which allows him to stand without support, walk, and occasionally jog, but he is no longer able to run quickly nor for very long. Extended use of his leg without rest will often injure or strain it, causing him a large amount of pain. For example, during the Night of the Nocturne, while helping defend the clan and fight off monsters, he cannot remove his brace until the event has ended. If he did, the pain of extended use would be too great, and he would be unable to put the brace back on or walk on his leg in any capacity.

There is also significant scarring down the middle of his back which, though healed, puts a large amount of pressure on his wings, making it difficult to fly for long periods of time. As a result, he will often choose to take the brunt of a fall instead of attempting to open his wings to catch himself.

Dubhghlas is extremely sensitive about his scarring and disabilities, and will go out of his way to make sure they are never visible or to avoid seeming disabled in any way. Most individuals are actually completely unaware of the extent of his physical scarring. This has extended so far, that the clan's doctor did not, in fact, see him undressed until the doctor from another area mentioned it, long after Dubhghlas had become an established member of SedAhrkMen.

Gijinka Edit


Dubhghlas's humanoid form is around five and a half feet tall, pale, and has dark, curly hair. His hair, although it appears black, is actually an incredibly dark shade of purple. He has a litany of scars covering his front and back, and wears shirts with high collars to cover the scars on his neck.

Role in the Clan Edit

Dubhghlas found fast friends in "the nocturnals", a group of night-waking dragons devoted to protecting the clan while most residents slumber. The dragon Ben really annoyed him, but Ben was one of the only dragons who sought out Dubhghlas's company, and Dubhghlas was devastated when he died. The nocturnals originally consisted of only Dubhghlas, Dave, Ben, and Qutaab. Qutaab passed away in an incident that is shrouded in mystery, and the details of which are known only to those involved and the Clan's leaders. Ben died much later, after accidentally getting involved in a fight that had nothing to do with anyone from the clan on the outskirts of the territory. Though he would never admit it, Dubhghlas was completely enamored with both of his departed friends at one point or another, and regrets not acting on his feelings while either of them was alive. His own insecurities and warped sense of self-worth have convinced him that this is for the better, and it was doubtful he would willingly open up to another dragon for quite some time.

The nocturnals, now smaller in number, are back up to three members after the induction of Caphyae into their ranks. Dubhghlas wasn't sure how he felt about the new addition at first, but eventually settled on "very annoyed." Caphyae is like a daughter to Dave, who insists on referring to them both as her 'children'. Their relationship is somewhat antagonistic, but no more so than you would expect from two very different 'siblings'.

His nights revolve around his "duties" as a nocturnal. This includes both his position in the Night Watch and his constant efforts at digging. He's got quite the little quarry going on one edge of the clan lands and often brings up interesting things. Dubhghlas will often leave the things he finds lying around in the Quarry, since the only people who ever come to it are hatchlings looking for adventure or daring each other to "approach the angry guy". Whenever he finds anything particularly special he will deposit it in front of the entrance to the hoard for whoever is on duty the next morning. Periodically he will bundle up the mildly interesting things and leave the entire mess for someone else to sort out.

Rah swears that Dubhghlas's disregard for paperwork will be the death of him, but he says that about every dragon at some point or another, so it's really just a wonder Rah isn't dead yet.

Skills and Training Edit

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Mate Edit

Overview Edit

His tendency to leave things lying around in the Quarry got Dubhghlas into quite a sticky situation, however, when one day the thieving coatl Digger accidentally tunneled straight into the quarry, immediately grabbed as many shiny things as he could, and ran. Over time, Digger discovered that not only was it easy to get in and out, but the other dragons of the clan had absolutely no problem with him coming in and stealing as much as he wanted from the mirror. Many were more generally passive regarding the subject, but others were entirely encouraging, vindictively deciding that if anyone deserves it, Dubhghlas did.

At first it seemed to Dubhghlas that things were simply getting up and running away on their own, but after catching sight of the coatl one evening, he made it his mission to catch the guy. Of course, enthusiasm can only take you so far, and Digger was far sneakier than Dubhghlas, not to mention quite a bit faster. On a few occasions, Dubhghlas managed to corner the thief, but Digger would pretend he didn't speak Draconic, choosing only to hum, greatly frustrating the mirror.

As a result of these many encounters, many of which ended with Dubhghlas chasing Digger through the clan, he declared Digger his mortal enemy, and wished nothing but rotten fish and vegetables upon the coatl.

Early Days Edit

The coatl Digger spent quite some time letting Dubhghlas chase him around and yell until he couldn't yell anymore. He fancied himself Dubhghlas's "therapist" and delighted in listening to Dubhghlas yell until he was completely tuckered out, sitting on the floor hoarse and crying.

Eventually, convinced Digger didn't speak Draconic, Dubhghlas began venting out his frustrations to the coatl, as it became clear he wasn't going to be able to get him to leave. After a particularly loud yelling session, Digger put his hand under his chin and said, "That's rough, buddy," prompting an incredulous look and a whole new round of shouting.

Dating Edit

Concerned that Digger was lying when he insisted there was a clan that didn't mind him coming to steal things, his former mate Rudiger dragged him back by the ear to apologize and return some of the nice shiny rocks he had stolen. Much like two children being dragged together by their parents on the playground, the two were faced together and Digger was forced to hand back the rocks and tell Dubhghlas he was sorry. Dubhghlas harumphed and snatched them back, turning and taking a few angry strides back to his lair before stopping, turning, and very quickly very hard (and while very red) throwing one of the rocks back to Digger. Digger of course, was delighted by the token, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over time Dubhghlas gave up and accepted the presence of the dirty coatl, the two spending more and more time together; Dubhghlas turning the dirt and Digger sitting on things and chatting with him, no matter how much he yelled his answers.

The turning point in their odd friendship, however, came when Digger thrust a small clay pot at Dubhghlas and scampered away to watch him open it from behind some much further away rocks. Inside the pot was a small, shining blue necklace. Confronted with an obvious token of affection, Dubhghlas was forced to think long and hard about his feelings for the coatl, and whether or not the reason he hated Digger's insufferable grin was because of how much it mocked him or because maybe just maybe it made him feel a little fuzzy inside.

These days, he wears the necklace underneath his shirts against his skin, and often looks at it to remind himself that somehow he was lucky enough to have Digger love him.

Today Edit

Today the two dragons are deeply in love with each other, and Digger spends a good amount of time in the Clan, typically in the Quarry or in Dubhghlas's house. Dubhghlas also spends a fair amount of time in Digger's clan, assisting with the work there and living with Digger. It turned out that Digger's clan was much the opposite of SedAhrkMen, loving Dubhghlas but feeling rather disdainful towards Digger. It took Dubhghlas a long time to accept that they genuinely seemed to like him, but he got there in the end.

Digger has greatly helped Dubhghlas better adjust to his current situation and is proud to say that Dubhghlas rarely yells the way he used to. Digger might even say he's "strong" and "crabby" as well as loud, but it's glowing praise from the coatl, and Dubhghlas feels very lucky to be loved as much as he is.

Though no one in the clan really understood the attraction on Digger's part, the two were eventually married, and could never love anyone as much as they seem to love each other.

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Pets Edit

Dubhghlas lives near the edge of the Quarry, towards the end of the clan lands, so it's no surprise that his house is, like most SedAhrkMen houses, a little run down. He thinks there must be a hole in the wall somewhere, because one morning when getting ready to go to bed, he noticed a small dark hedgehog snorfling around a pile of dirty laundry on his floor. Dubhghlas squinted at the creature, and a few sightings later when it seemed like it wasn't going to be leaving, he started putting food out for it. It still lives in his house, but seems to spend a good amount of time running around outside. He secretly considers it his.

Upon visiting the Ventusians for the first time, a young Snowsquall Floracat was thrust upon him. Much to his dismay, it too lives with him now. He secretly loves the cat, and it often follows him around while he's on duty and watches him dig in his offtime. Dubhghlas finds this a significant improvement over the floracat's kitten behavior of clawing his face at 6am when he was trying to fall asleep.

The young blue pet seemed to have attracted a Velvet Floracat, as there's now another cat sleeping in Dubhghlas's house from time to time, and he sees it running around the Fringe quite often.

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