Dugan is the first egg to be scavenged during the Nuzlocke Challenge.

August 4, 2014 – September 15, 2014

Appearance Edit

Dugan is a Fae male with the colors Pink/Platinum/Magenta.

About Edit


Dugan as a hatchling.

Dugan's egg was found by the hatchling Coco while helping Qubine gather boulders to surround the hoard of food to contain the fire that Qubine would use to burn it.

When Coco, Dugan, and Kladeos matured, Qubine told them of the plague and the Passage, and put a particular emphasis on the challenges to survive. Dugan in particular struggled with the notion that he could die, and politely asked Qubine if he could leave. Qubine realized that he could not force any of his clan to stay and fight for his cause, but confided that he would still need a replacement healer to assist his clan mates. Dugan then agreed to stay until a replacement healer was found. Together, Coco, Dugan, and Kladeos successfully completed the Training Fields and Woodland Path venues of their Passage.

Death Edit

In the Scorched Forest, the three dragons encountered a trio of Umberhorn Qiriq. Although Dugan kept as distance as the other two dragons fought, one of the Qiriq came to pursue him. Coco broke free of the fighting, chasing the Qiriq that chased Dugan, but the latter was still struck by a Rune Slash. Dugan briefly wondered if he was dying, but he died before he could fully realize the answer.

"Am I...dying...?" - Dugan, dying from his wound.


Dugan's tombstone.

Trivia Edit

  • Dugan's hatchday is August 4, 2014.
  • He is a Gen 1.
  • He was the first dragon to die in the Passage during the Plague Arc.
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