Clan Ula

Background Edit

Dunkleosteus grew up in the swamps at the edge of the Tangled Wood and the Sea of a Thousand Currents. From the Shadow dragons they gained their love for games. They are very playful and enjoy fooling around with other dragons.

They're a fan of extreme games, and sometimes they're known to take them a little too far.

They also love to swim, whether it's in murky swamp water, or clear pools of ocean water.

they're familiar with plant life, and when they're not playing games they're tending to their garden. They understand which plants work well for healing and are calm around injuries and wounds. It makes Dunk a perfect healer, and it was their healing skills that had drawn Queen Megalodon to them.

Dunk has agreed to join Clan Ula as the clan's healer and they have accepted Mega's gift without hesitation. They can shapeshift and sing the Siren's Song just like Megalodon can.

Their favorite dragon to hang around with is Geosaurus. Dunk finds her fascinating.

They don't have a Charge yet, but they hope to find it on their adventures with Clan Ula.

Personality Edit

Playful and cheerful, but not afraid to stand their ground or roughhouse.

Relationships Edit

Geosaurus: Mate?

Trivia Edit

  • Sapphic
  • Genderfluid
  • Named after an extinct fish
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