Background Edit

One of the clan's founders, Dythalla has been around since the beginning. No one is sure where he came from before the clan was formed and rumor has it not even he knows.

Personality Edit

Considering that he is both the clan's patriarch and its religious leader, you would think he would be very serious. In reality he is only serious during official ceremonies and events, the rest of the time he likes to make terrible puns.

Appearance Edit

Dythalla is almost always wearing a skin, in fact at this point the only other dragon who knows what he actually looks like is Aylith.

Abilities Edit

Dythalla is one of the clan's three lvl 25s and is always a part of the coli team as a healer/mage.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a terrible sense of humor, which is not helped by his fae monotone
  • He is named after the Great Old One Dythalla, who is also known as the Lord of Lizards
  • It is his job to send off each exalt to the Arcanist
  • His Hatchday is November 17, 2014
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