The Herd Master of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Eabha arrived at the Red Kingdom some time after its establishment, travelling in the company of her partner Tomas, his hive of Bumbles and Coral Carpenters, and the motley assortment of animals that make up Eabha's herd. Initially travelling only in search of a place where they could settle down with their animals, they were surprised to discover that the stream they were following through the Plague-ridden wastelands led to a thriving kingdom with an extensive garden. Finding that the clan was to their liking—and that their specialties would be of use there—they elected to settle down with the Red Kingdom.

Being able to set up a permanent base of operations has allowed Eabha to expand her herd considerably, and she lives most of her time in one of the outposts a couple hours from the lair proper. She comes into the lair almost every day—to see Tomas if nothing else—but on the whole prefers to spend her time with her animals.

Clan Role Edit

Eabha is the master and mother to all the Red Kingdom's herds, which include Skira, Elk, Charger, Hippogiff, Clouddancer, Antelope and Springbok, Dreadram and Ultraram, Jackalope, Qiriq, Rambra and Zeeba, Stagwing and Peryton, Kelpie, Serpenta, Cerdae and Unicorn, Rasa, and Trunker contingents—among others. How she manages to maintain all these disparate herds is a mystery to everyone but her (and possibly Tomas), but she is singularly devoted to them and rarely loses an animal. They are used as beasts of burden in the Red Kingdom, in addition to providing milk, skins, and meat for the clan's use.

Personality Edit

Even after having been with the Red Kingdom for some years, Eabha has never found herself fully integrated with the rest of the clan—and to tell the truth she prefers it that way. She doesn't deal well with other people, particularly in large doses, and much prefers the company of her herds; the majority of her relationships have to do with the maintenance of the animals. While she occasionally entertains visitors to her outpost, the only one she isn't some degree of awkward around is her mate; even Cennetig, arguably her closest friend aside from Tomas, rarely stays more than an afternoon. In the company of her herds, however, she is entirely transformed: demonstrative, patient, firm, and loving, she shows not a trace of self-consciousness and seems the ideal mother.

Relationships Edit

  • Tomas: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Cennetig: Clan hunter and a colleague.
  • Aifric: Clan gardener and a collaborator.
  • Aine: Clan flower-keeper and a collaborator.
  • Sadbh: Clan housekeeper and a collaborator.

Eabha is bisexual.

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