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Eadgyeth was originally planning to only stay for a night at Ouahe Haimaz, but she noticed that certain parts of the lair were shabby and that the food she was fed wasn't very filling. She asked Candace why the place wasn't up to Eadgyeth's high standards, and learned that it was because the clan always seemed to be short on treasure and gems. Eadgyeth was appalled. How could there not be enough money? She immediately looked at the financial records then put herself in charge of the books. Eadgyeth swears she'll leave as soon as the clan has riches enough to please her, but she isn't sharing how much that is exactly.

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WIP for as long as it takes to find the right apparel

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Eadgyeth's favorite things to hoard are treasure and gems, but she also loves anything shiny, gold, or expensive.

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  • Just call her Edith. Don't even try to spell her name. She's tired of dragons attempting to get the pronunciation or spelling correct.
  • Candace calls her Ditte. Eadgyeth both hates and loves it.
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