Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Earthquake was an older dragon. He was experienced in all kinds of things. He had been in many battles, met all kinds of dragons, and even met the Earthshaker once

He was old fashioned and had trouble understanding some new trends. He didn't understand younger dragons’ obsessions over things like gene scrolls or breed change scrolls. What’s wrong with your current genes? He asked them. Why would you ever want to change how your body currently looks? He disproved of modifications to a dragon’s body, but tried not comment too much about it. He realized that he really shouldn’t concern himself over what other dragons do with their bodies.

Earthquake loved to collect all kinds of stones, both shiny and dull. He had a whole hoard of them, each organized in its own special category. When he traveled he took care to pack his collection up in certain containers and strapped them on his back.

At some point during his traveling he stumbled upon Seeking Clan and learned of June's research in the Hewn City. He decided to join her and proved to be a wealth of information for the researchers.

He loved telling stories of his adventures, but no one liked to listen to them. He tended to ramble, or get horribly off topic. His humor was dry and boring. He was deeply hurt whenever someone made a rude comment about his stories. That was another thing he didn't like about younger dragons. He thought they didn't know how to respect their elders anymore and that they were getting ruder each generation.

Earthquake loved the Earthshaker to the point of obsession. He admires everything the god does and aspires to make him proud.

Now he is dead and will never know.

Personality Edit

He was an old fashioned dragon with a dry sense of humor.

Relationships Edit

Earthshaker: He devoted his life to his god.

Death Edit

He was infected by the Shade just like all of the other Hewn City researchers. He made it out of the City, but the infection was rooted too deep within him, and his body was too weak to fight it off. He died not long after returning to the clan.

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