The Crystal Shade of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Eibhlin was born to a Nature clan and spent the first part of their life raised among that family. Eventually, however, they picked up enough wanderlust from those passing through their clan territory to leave home for good, wandering essentially at random until they stumbled across Naoise and the Red Kingdom. Liking the semi-independent setup afforded to the Nocturnes, they settled with the clan.

Social by nature, they have a more diurnal schedule than the others of their species and frequently descend to the shared areas of the lair, though they sleep with their mate in the upper reaches. Though Cailte serves as the unofficial leader of the Nocturnes, it is Eibhlin who acts as a sort of ambassador, keeping them integrated with the clan and translating between Nocturne oddness and the more conventional setup of the rest of the Red Kingdom.

Clan Role Edit

Eibhlin is one of few members of the Red Kingdom who has no fixed role in the clan, instead engaging in a variety of tasks with a multitude of clan members, depending on what needs doing and how they feel like occupying themselves for the day. They can often be seen running errands for anyone who needs assistance, and they also enjoy exploring; they not-infrequently accompany adventuring expeditions, whatever their purpose, and busy themselves catching insects to add to the clan stores.

Personality Edit

Having spent their youth raised in a typical family structure, Eibhlin's personality is somewhat more stable than that of their fellow Nocturnes—but only somewhat. Their outgoing nature means they have a less focused personality source; rather, they have imprinted on the clan at large, and pick up mannerisms and behaviours from many of their clanmates. At their most typical, they are personable, friendly, and exploratory, but as with all members of their species they are often changeable and inconsistent, and may get stuck in feedback loops with their lairmates.

Relationships Edit

  • Naoise: Partner and lairmate.
  • Cailte: Lairmate and friend.
  • Nuala: Lairmate and friend.
  • Naomh: Clan seeker and a collaborator.
  • Somhairle: Clan explorer and a collaborator.
  • Aoibhin: Clan mapmaker and a collaborator.

Eibhlin is pansexual.

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