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*[[Mallaidh (Red Kingdom)|Mallaidh]]: Ruaidhri's consort and a friend.
*[[Mallaidh (Red Kingdom)|Mallaidh]]: Ruaidhri's consort and a friend.
*[[Sadbh (Red Kingdom)|Sadbh]]: Clan housekeeper and logistical aide.
*[[Sadbh (Red Kingdom)|Sadbh]]: Clan housekeeper and logistical aide.
*[[Niall (Red Kingdom)|Niall]]: Clan hosteller and logistical aide.
*[[Liadan (Red Kingdom)|Liadan]]: Protegée and friend.
Eimhear is bisexual and aromantic.
Eimhear is bisexual and aromantic.
==External Links==
==External Links==

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The Silent Queen of the Red Kingdom.


Originally hailing from a Water clan, Eimhear found her way to the Red Kingdom early on, as part of the original wave of refugees who accompanied Ruaidhri into the Abiding Boneyard. Her calm, no-nonsense presence soon saw her taking on a leadership role in ensuring the safety of the budding clan—even though she is mute, thanks to the attack that saw her lose her clan of birth, and initially did not have a way to communicate with her new family. Before long, however, she began developing a personal sign language, and soon the majority of the clan was fluent.

Despite her elemental affinity, Eimhear fit in well in the Red Kingdom: she is a survivalist at heart, and was so efficient at ensuring her clan's survival that Ruaidhri made her a formal offer of co-rulership. Despite their titles as king and queen, however, their relationship is platonic, and Eimhear instead took as a consort Oisin, a traveller from the Wind flight who elected to stay.

As the Red Kingdom has increased its political influence, Eimhear's role in the clan has expanded, and today she is a well-respected figure seen with respect and a touch of fear both within the clan and without.

Clan Role

Eimhear is the queen and co-ruler of the clan, second only to Ruaidhri in rank. She manages the day-to-day affairs of the clan, including logistical policy and arbiting minor disputes. Her title, the Silent Queen, derives from her disability—and the enigmatic reputation she has earned outside the clan for her silence.


Practical, no-nonsense, and sensible to a fault, Eimhear faces all challenges with the same unfaltering calm with which she left her Flight of origin, and serves as a rock and a bolster to her clan in times of strife. Though warm and even affectionate with her clan and particularly her loved ones, she presents a severe and impassive face to the outside world, turning her inability to speak to her advantage when it comes to facing down enemies. Though not as spiritually devout as Ruaidhri, she is unfalteringly loyal to her adopted flight, and holds the Plaguebringer in the highest esteem.


  • Ruaidhri: Platonic partner and co-ruler.
  • Oisin: Consort and trusted partner.
  • Mallaidh: Ruaidhri's consort and a friend.
  • Sadbh: Clan housekeeper and logistical aide.

Eimhear is bisexual and aromantic.

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