The Scavenger of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Eimhin has been with the Red Kingdom since before the clan was formalized. Previously he had survived as a wandering scavenger, making use of what he could and trading away what he couldn't; upon joining up with the band of refugees, he put his skills to use in more collaborative fashion, helping to ensure everyone's survival. With the establishment of the lair, he saw no reason to change his occupation, and has continued supplying his clan with all sorts of found oddments ever since.

He met his mates, Cianan and Sadbh, in those early days before the clan settled into its current home, and the three of them rapidly became very close. They formalized their status as mates very shortly after the Red Kingdom had formalized its own status, and remain partnered to this day. Eimhin is also close to the clan's family of Skydancers (and now Bogsneaks, since Ciara's hatching and Conlaed's transformation), and has a casual relationship with Conlaed, Aifric, and Eithne as well.

Clan Role Edit

Eimhin's core role in the clan is scavenging for interesting or useful items. He makes daily trips out of the lair, walking a rotation of routes that sees him cover most of the territory of the Red Kingdom every month. In addition to scrounging up supplies for the clan in general, he also likes to collect personalized gifts for everyone in the clan, and particularly has an eye to useful materials for Mathuin's magics and morbid curiosities for Eithne's collection.

Personality Edit

Restless and explorative by nature, Eimhin puts his native attitude to good use in his work. He is practical, grounded, and realistic, often serving as a foil to both Cianan's distractible scatter and Sadbh's sweet-natured optimism. He tends to be methodical and organized, both with the routes he plots out for his scavenging trips and with the supplies he brings back from them. He likes to keep things efficient, and never wastes a trip or pack space. Even supplies that won't be useful to the clan, after all, can be traded to other kingdoms.

Relationships Edit

  • Cianan: Partner and lover.
  • Sadbh: Partner and lover.
  • Eithne: Friend and lover.
  • Aifric: Friend and lover.
  • Conlaed: Friend and lover.
  • Enna: Eithne's son and Conlaed's apprentice, and a friend.
  • Ciara: Conlaed and Aifric's child and an adoptive cousin.
  • Bairre: Clan merchant and a colleague.
  • Damhan: Clan doctor and a friend.
  • Mathuin: Clan magician and a friend.

Eimhin is bisexual.

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