Eiríkr is a male Wildclaw that appears occasionally in the Clan Ignis lore as a minor antagonistic character. He was freed from the Arena during Valkyrie's Rebellion.
Currently, he is said to be wandering the Wastelands of Dragonhome.


Eiríkr was once a leader, a powerful one at that. He was considered a warrior of Shadow and his family was well protected under his watchful eye. That was until they came. One day he and his kin were ambushed and ransacked by unknown creatures and Eiríkr was taken captive. Under their domain, he changed. The Guardian became less of a dragon and more of a beast – on his official records it was stated that he had been infused with Wendigo blood as an experiment. From that moment on, he was no longer that powerful leader, but, rather a chained weapon.
Due to his usefulness, Eiríkr was essentially used and then dumped when he no longer served his purpose. It is highly suggested that he began breaking his programming and attacking his captors. These unknown creatures decided enough was enough and ended up sending him to the Arena, where he was deemed a brainless beast was pitted against other dragons. His judgement had become impaired following his imprisonment, and it is likely that Eiríkr killed many dragons during his time in the Arena. However, he was lucky. A Wildclaw who was apart of the same fighting circle raged against the system and took over the establishment and set every fighter free. This was the first time he had been free in years and he felt a weight lift off of his chest.
He didn't stick around long following his freedom. Eiríkr left with what he could carry and disappeared into the Wastelands of Dragonhome. He is said to attack any intruders that stray too close to Clan Ignis; whether or not he is helping is clear. Many believe he is simply hunting for food and that his territory overlaps with that of the Clan. Eiríkr has improved over time with communication and can now talk at a very basic level. Still, he is a very dangerous dragon to come across in the Wasteland and many members of Clan Ignis are wary of his presence, but, Valkyrie assures them that he is no threat and that eventually, he would move on.


  • Eiríkr is guzzoleen's custom Progenitor and was originally Ice/Carribean/Sunshine before being scattered a number of times.
  • Eiríkr is an Old Norse name meaning 'ruler of the people'.



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