The Scout of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

The oldest living member of the clan, Eithne came into Plague territories already well into adulthood, fleeing the grim realities of war with her infant son, Enna, on her back. The two of them had always been solitary before that—who Enna's father was or what happened to him, Eithne has never said—but they quickly found themselves absorbed into the growing family of Skydancers among the fledgeling clan. Eithne quickly grew close with Aifric, becoming first her lover, then the lover of her mate, Conlaed, and their friend Eimhin. Now settled happily into a family (not to mention glad to have had some assistance in raising her son), she is content with her lot in life, and has chosen not to take a new mate.

Always solitary in nature, Eithne spends much of her time ranging back and forth across clan lands, and eventually took on a formal position in its newly formed military once the Red Kingdom's political influence began to spread. She is classed as a ranking soldier, and is one of the most powerful warriors the clan has.

Clan Role Edit

Eithne's official role is as the primary scouting force in the Red Kingdom: serving in the middle ground between the border patrol conducted by Muiris and Muirne and the lair guardianship carried out by the majority of the clan's Guardians, she travels back and forth across clan territories at a rapid clip, investigating new threats and keeping a watchful eye on known problem spots. She often works in concert with the Ogham Warband, serving as their main commanding officer, and makes frequent stops along Muiris and Muirne's route to keep them up to date and occasionally carry messages. When it comes to the defence of the Red Kingdom and the deployment of their forces, Eithne serves as the main decision-maker for the clan as a whole; she has been offered the title of "general," but prefers the simplicity of "scout."

Personality Edit

Solemn, confident, and an able fighter, Eithne has always had an independent streak a mile wide, and even now that she has her own clan and family she still spends a considerable amount of time alone or seeing to her own concerns. In many ways she has a particularly grim turn of mind, and enjoys black humour and collecting bones—morbid tendencies she shares with both Cennetig and Mathuin. Of all the members of the clan who originally hailed from other Flights, Eithne has adapted best to the Plague lifestyle, and often jokes that she was born to the wrong sister. She is fiercely self-assured and fiercely loving both, and has never let anyone knock her from what she sees as the right course of action, or her rightful place.

Relationships Edit

  • Enna: Son and friend.
  • Aifric: Closest friend and lover.
  • Conlaed: Friend and lover.
  • Eimhin: Friend and lover.
  • Ciara: Enna's partner and Conlaed's adopted child.
  • Muiris: Clan patrol and a colleague.
  • Muirne: Clan patrol and a colleague.
  • Cennetig: Clan hunter and a friend.
  • Damhan: Clan doctor and a friend.
  • Mathuin: Clan magician and a friend.

Eithne is bisexual.

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