Clan Destinesia

Background Edit

Elysian had never heard of the Four Maidens of Nature before, and was fascinated when the guardian that visited her clan spoke of them.

Ely had always loved to solve puzzles and riddles, ad she was good at solving problems that occurred in her clan. She was the one who found the leaky pipe and who had tracked down the lost familiar only by using subtle clue the familiar had left behind.

When she learned that the guardian was looking for a Maiden of Mind she jumped to it. She asked to see the stone, and it had bonded to her, attaching to her chest. She wears the stone with pride and wished her clan farewell as she joined Clan Destinesia.

With her newfound magic she gained from the stone she can now grow any crops she desires. She has a little trouble with controlling how little and how big her crops grow, but she’s getting better at controlling her powers everyday now.

She wants to be able to grow enough food to feed hundreds of dragons just like the original Maiden of Mind was able to.

She knows that it will take time and patience, but luckily that’s where Elysian is strongest. She like to carefully block out time everyday just for practising her powers. She has tried to block out time for the other Maidens too, but unfortunately they are not as organized as her.

Sometimes in Ely’s effort to organize she often gets into fights with the Maiden of Soul, Larievella.

Personality Edit

Logical/ organized/ Patient

Relationships Edit

Larievella: Does not get along with her

Trivia Edit

  • Name meaning: relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise
  • Lesbian
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