History Edit

Elysse was part of a Nature clan in the Shrieking Wilds. She lost her pearl in a fight against the invading Dark Army, led by Naidara herself, and became a Wight, a skeleton Pearlcatcher with no memories, no name, and no pearl. She managed to turn her brother, Ether, into a Wight as well, but drove him away when he killed her love, Faylein. She killed most of her old clan and disappeared into the depths of Sornieth for a year or two, attacking wandering dragons and clans. She then stumbled across Clan Saeiryn, and was gifted a half life by Iado.

Personality Edit

Elysse is caring. She was devastated when she regained herself thanks to Iado, horrified that she had killed so many dragons. She believes in the goodness of Iado, and is puzzled that others don't feel the same way.

Appearance Edit

Elysse is pure white, with veins of blood red. Her eyes are a rich green. In the place where her heart would be is an orb of glowing green light. She is relatively small for her age, though in her years as a Wight she didn't age. She has a ghost pearl, a pearl that looks solid, but only she can hold. No apparel yet

Abilities: Edit

Elysse can use some magic. She is able to control nature magic, some neutral magic, and possibly other, darker magic because she is a Wight. She likes old books, and has a knack for solving mysteries and putting together the pieces of a puzzle; she enjoys finding small little details and secret about the old times.

Trivia: Edit

She isn't a friend to the Protectors, but she certainly isn't an enemy. She's a little wary of them.

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