The Inventor of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Enna arrived in the Red Kingdom at a young age, accompanying his mother Eithne, who joined up with the group when it was still a collective of refugees seeking a home. Always solitary before that, they quickly found themselves absorbed into a small family of other Skydancers. Enna grew up being cared for not only by his mother but also her numerous lovers, including Conlaed, who took him on as an apprentice.

Under Conlaed's tutelage, Enna honed the morbid tendencies inherited from his mother into a keen scientific curiosity. Where his mentor focuses primarily on alchemy—the chemical and biological sciences—Enna found himself drawn to the mechanical and physical. The two often work in concert, however, and thus it was that Enna was present for the accidental birth of Ciara, a product of Conlaed's alchemical experiments. Serving as a peer to them while his mentor raised them, the two became close, and it wasn't long before he had fallen helplessly in love.

Clan Role Edit

Though their role remains formalized as master and apprentice, the truth is that by this point Conlaed and Enna are more like colleagues, maintaining their old relationship ties out of affection and tradition. The pair of them often work together on opposite sides of complimentary projects, providing the Red Kingdom with its technological advancements, medical innovations, and infrastructure upgrades to the lair. Enna often takes the lead in drafting these changes, and makes it his business to identify where their current technology is lacking and come up with solutions he can build.

Personality Edit

Enna is something of a prodigy, and a natural-born Plague survivor who faces catastrophe with the same level-headed calm as he tackles the problems of the lair's infrastructure. Naturally studious and with a serious mindset, he can occasionally have trouble expressing his deeper emotions, preferring to direct his focus into his work. He is quietly affectionate, preferring to show his fondness for those he cares about by doing them favours or making their lives easier rather than large outward shows of devotion.

Relationships Edit

  • Ciara: Partner and lover.
  • Eithne: Mother and friend.
  • Conlaed: Master, friend, and colleague.
  • Aifric: Conlaed's mate and a friend.
  • Eimhin: Eithne, Conlaed, and Aifric's lover and a friend.
  • Colum: Clan architect and a colleague.
  • Cailte: Innovative mimic and a collaborator.
  • Damhan: Clan doctor and a collaborator.

Enna is bisexual.

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