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The clan started out as not a clan at all, but more a group of dragons that actively shared resources - namely food.

Corona, an Imperial born on the Plaguebringer's lands to a mother originally from the Arcanist's, did not agree with the methods through which her flightmates tested the limits of life itself, thinking instead that the best course would be to apply their inherited knowledge of biology and sickness to healing others and working together towards survival. Once her mother said that she was large enough to handle the flight to the Starfall Isles Corona left, flying above the decay and destruction to the bright, clean land to the west. 

Still young and building her strength, Corona touched down the first chance she got once she was beyond the Wasteland's border, landing in the midst of mountainous pillars made of crystal, wings and back tired from her journey. Food was not immediately visible or apparent, so she began to scout the area slowly, searching for any signs of edible life. Not finding anything obvious, she turned her search to the sea that she knew was not far away, knowing that where there was water there would be life. 

Fishing was difficult at first, catching fish more difficult in clear water and requiring a different strategy than the one Corona was used to using for the murky water on the Wasteland's shores. Corona had just managed to snap up a tetra when she heard heavy scratching and then a quiet roar behind her; staying low, she peeked under her wing to see a green-colored Mirror jumping off the top of one of the smaller crystal pillars by the shoreline and onto the back of a crimson and gold Guardian, which continued its sprint for the water undeterred. The Mirror bit into the Guardian's wing joint, and it roared louder and deeper than the first cry Corona had heard. It thrashed its wings, trying to shake the Mirror off, but only managed to unbalance itself when the Mirror tugged at the joint and forced it to the side, sending both dragons to the ground at the water's edge. 

By this time Corona was rising slowly to her feet, watching the other dragons warily to see if they would turn on her next; but they continued to fight each other, the Guardian angered now and not just trying to escape, retaliating the Mirror's blows in earnest. 

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