Lore Edit

Envy is the clan seer. She is a prophet, and can look into the destinies of any dragon that comes to her for her services. She was a roaming dragon, born to the Ice flight, but rejected due to her abilities. She traveled from clan to clan, making money by telling fortunes on her travels. Eventually, she made her way to the (former) Western Clan of the Everbloom Gardens, and met a seemingly haughty yet eccentric Skydancer Alchemist named Desire. She found that the clan accepted her and her powers as more than just a novelty. She fully and officially joined the clan, and took Desire as her mate. Eventually, when the threat of the Shade became too great for even Shadow to assist, Amora entrusted Envy with leadership of the clan due to her Future Sight. After many days spent looking into the future, she made the decision to take the clan from the Viridian Labyrinth, to the neighboring Tangled Wood.

Personality Edit

She is quiet, and doesn’t say much. What she does say, people listen to. She commands great respect within the clan, and she carries her power well. She is compassionate, and is willing to help others about how she can. However, even though it is hard to make her angry, you’ll regret it if you do. Her fury is cold and terrifying, though few have felt it. She likes the quiet, stars, nature, and magic. She dislikes chaos, liars, and lightning.

Relationships Edit

  • Desire (mate)
  • Amora (friend)
  • Adina (Best Friend)
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