Background Edit

Invidia "Envy" Chaosmade, who only goes by Envy to everyone, is a wraith taking the vague form of a dragon to blend in. Not that it works very well, for everyone in the Blindsiders knows he's a wraith. He was created as a part of the seven deadly sins by a lesser deity known as the Chaosmaker to cause trouble and mayhem, but little did either of them know Envy would end up becoming head of Recruitment for the Blindsiders due to his knack for making people vie for the money the Blindsiders made.

Personality Edit

Despite being the embodiment of envy, Envy himself isn't quite jealous of other dragons. Instead it is he who makes others jealous of the belongings of others. Envy is rather laid back and treats life as it comes, though being the troublemaker he is enjoys messing things up and bothering others. He's rather clingy and doesn't enjoy being ignored, which is the only thing he vies for. He often trails dragons he's interested in and tries to make conversation, though many pass him off as sheer annoying if anything.

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