K-Klang! Klank! Klank!

The high pitched sound of metal hammering metal resounded through the cave-based forge. Nestled deep within a craggy mountain, a lone ridgeback loomed over the anvil as she repeatedly hammered the glowing hot metal. Around her sat large machines and furnaces, some of which were glowing brightly with fire. The whole interior of the cave was lit by molten lava that poured from holes punched in the walls, dripping down into moats that circled the forge and lit it before exiting from the room through another hole at the end of the moat.

The ridgeback sat back on her haunches, pulling up the protective mask from her face to more closely examine her work. She peered at the metal with a critical eye, huffing at something that seemed not up-to-snuff before flicking the protective visor back down over her face and raising the hammer once more.

Trivia Edit

  • Enyo is a 7 digit dragon
  • Enyo has 4 pieces of art, all of which were already present at the time of purchase
  • She's distantly related to Astraesus

Credits Edit

  • Enyo's lore was written by Opalwhisker (#79643)

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