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Alignment: Neutral Good Edit

Eomer was born to Vesperia shortly after their flight to Wind in the wake of The Great Upheaval. His mother and grandmother were sure to educate him about his origin, though through is adolescence, life in the Cloudsong was all he'd ever known.

When he came of age, Beren and Bruno put him through rigorous combat and officer's training. He was more than enthusiastic about joining the guard. It was a noble occupation, and it could afford him the chance to defend everyone he loved. He now acts as one of Vesperia's leading tactitians and defenders.

With prior talk of Jackal while he was at large, Eomer was anxious to bring Vesperia's enemy to justice, and earn back a home he'd never seen. Of course his own curiosity about the Starfall Isles had always been on the back of his mind, but if there was a chance to give his mother back her home, he'd have fought to the death for it.

When the time came to make good on the promise of fighting back for Vesperia, Eomer came up with a strategy that successfully coordinated hundreds of ally dragons to defeat the Shade-Touched Emperor that Jackal had become. Eomer is now considered an esteemed war hero.

Eomer is kind and loyal, and very protective of his family, much like his father, but more social. His good sense and tact has earned him friendship with a herd of centaurs, who have sworn allegiance to Vesperia in Eomer's name. Eomer's best friend is a Centaur Archer named Syndra. Eomer also shares close bonds with his twin sister, Eowyn, and his grandfather, Beren.

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