Biography[edit | edit source]

Alignment: Neutral Good[edit | edit source]

Like her twin brother, Eowyn spent her early years in the Windswept Plateau, with only stories of the splendor of Vesperia's Home Lair in the Starfall Isles. Eowyn yearned to see the Home Lair, which is a very important part of Vesperia's history.

Eowyn is much like her mother, with a very warm and passionate personality and a love of beautiful things. She has a natural talent for creating wonderful and complex incenses thanks to her inherited sense of smell, and can obtain and incorporate just about any ingredient she (or anyone else) desires. She dreamt that once day, if Vesperia were to return to the Starfall Isles, her incense would be used on the ceremonial altars that her mother described to her.

Vesperia did finally return to the Starfall Isles, in the midst of the 2015C.Y. Starfall Celebration. Eowyn was filled with wonder, completley enamored with the breathtaking scenery. It was true to her mother's every word, and so much more. While Eowyn will always love the Windswept Plateau, her home will forever be within the halls of Vesperia's Home Lair.

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