Clan Lampsi

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ErebusAngelos's presence seems to send shivers up Light dragons' spines.

His purple eyes are cold and calculating. They feel as if they are always studying something, carving every inch that he sees into his memory.

He makes Light dragons nervous. He is a Shadow dragon through and through. He was born in the Tangled Wood, he looks like you'd expect a Shadow dragon would and he even proudly speaks of the Shadowbinder.

He does not belong in the Sunbeam Ruins. He is out of place here. And yet he stays. It's as if he's waiting for something.

Erebus does not speak much. He is not one for casual conversation and he only speaks when he feels his words have value to them.

He is much more cheerful when he is around Shiningscourge. He loves and respects her and supports her plans. Erebus is loyal to Shiningscourge above all else

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Shiningscourge: Mate

Wish: Daughter

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  • Theme song: One Eyed Maestro- Kevin MacLeod
  • Bisexual
  • Named after the god of darkness. His name can be translated to 'dark angel'
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