Basic Personality Edit

Erebus considers him and his brother, Erebos , to be the Patron Saints of Halloween.

He's so enthusiastic about the Holiday, almost overly so, that 3 months before October he starts decorating the lair with wooden pumpkins and paper bats. His lisp is very obviously fake to anyone who hears it, no matter how much he claims it to be real.

Batty, his familiar, follows him around everywhere. She will circle above him screeching with laughter every time he talks with his fake snake accent.

He's very superstitious, but rather than avoiding black cats and throwing salt over his shoulder, he embraces them. Everyone in the lair got quite mad at him for spending a week breaking any mirror he could find, to see if his luck got to bad it turned good.

His Wizard's Hat isn't just for show, Erebus actually practices black magic. Although the other dragons in his lair think he's kind of a doofus, they don't realize he could exact a curse so mighty and deadly they wished they never laughed at him. Of course he never will, he takes his personality and obsessions just as light as the rest of the dragons do. Many describe him as carefree, except for in October, and Erebus would have to agree. Being a Plague dragon, Erebus loves Riot of Rot but not to the extent of obsession. Erebus also has a sister, Hellop, but they spoke once or twice when they were hatchlings. He was quite sad when he received the word she had been exalted, and wished he made more of an effort to connect with her.

History + Relationship with Alduin Edit

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