Personality Edit

Eridanus is a very prideful dragon with a yearning for strength. Brutal at times, tender and understanding at others, she does not believe in leading the defenseless. She is quick to anger, and rushes to the defense of her ideals. All who know her can see that she seems very sure of herself, and can see her passion in manner and word...But this is the cover she has made for herself; it is nearly faultless in its presentation.

In truth, her actions are heavily guided by her dependence on the clan. Without her connections, her friendships, she has no strength.

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Appearance Edit

Eridanus is small. By fae standards, clearly not the smallest, but to her... The Arcanist could not have blessed her with just a little more wing? A more graceful neck?

Background Edit

As things stand, not much is known about Eri's past; When prompted, she reveals little. The only things known come from her intimate, Astra, who has the following entry on Eridanus's scroll:

The faes of the the Northern Isles have been found to be far more territorial than the rest; proximity to the ocean and lack of spires the farther north you go tend to push a dragon to dangerous levels of covetousness when they manage to carve out a home.

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