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Since her way with words is what clan leader, Estella is best known for in the Shadeddusk Weyr, it is a talent not wasted. Her place as mediator is fraught with the perils of getting too close to arguing dragons, but Estella takes the whole thing in stride. She’s been known to calm quarrels of the most disastrous nature and no one ever walks away from a dispute she’s settled feeling shorted. For this reason, Estella is the only one who deals with travelling dragons or visitors from other realms. Some in her charge are overly rash and can send a delicate situation from bad to awful in less than a second. It has become her motto that if something is to be done, she’d going to do it.

That’s not to say she’s a subpar fighter, however. It takes a strong claw to keep her dragons in line and although she almost never resorts to physical violence to resolve a situation, she is more than capable of it. Her tempered methods have earned her respect (and awe in many cases) while her fairness in sorting out disagreements have garnered her the undying loyalty of all who find shelter in her home.

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Sliver tongue

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