In his youth, Etheas spent many of his days exploring Sornieth and attracting the companionship of other adventurers. Abraxas Clan emerged naturally as he gained followers and he was elected Clan Leader, although mostly only in name.


Etheas is calm and authoritative, as is needed to keep a clan full of such strong personalities in check. However he does have a bit of a humorous streak, which can become downright nasty if incited. Many a disrespectful dragon has found itself missing scales and feathers after a run in with this spiteful clan leader.


Etheas was hatched as a very small Fae, however he changed his form shortly after Abraxas Clan settled into the Starwood Strand.

He is of medium size for a coatl, but he is dwarfed by many of his clansmen.



  • "Etheas" means "Mithril Scholar"
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