Eudoxia is the Guard captain at Pergamon Mountain Clan. She was brought in by the Council when the keep started to really flourish and expand and the Guard needed to step up their game.

She is originally from the lands of Wind but was forced to flee and leave her family, never to return home. She spent some years as a nomad fighter, honing her skills. Her family had taught her to fight with honour and following a code of behaviour. On her journeys she learned to fight dirty and became quite formidable, despite her smaller than average size as Ridgeback. This story is not known by anyone in her new clan as she cannot bring herself to really trust anyone. Not even her new companions at the Guard, especially since they still bring up a previous member, Adhara, from time to time. She can’t help but feel resentful and hurt by the way she is being unfairly compared to someone who, while not holding the position of a captain, as there was no such rank back then, was one of the reasons why the previous Guard was allowed much more freedom than they do now, under her charge.

While not feeling really at home at Pergamon, she decided to stick around when the clan moved to Shadow. Being a Guard captain is a good job that she did not like to lose. One of the reasons were also the numerous libraries at Pergamon. She spends the majority of her free time reading, and her office at the Guard barracks is filled with bookshelves, as Garou is more than happy to let her have any excess books from the clan’s main library.

Her upbringing makes dragons like Orestes distasteful to her and she voices her opinions on his behaviour often. Recently she found out something about him that has made her confused about what to think. Her reaction so far has been to be even more strict with the Tundra, which will probably lead to a confrontation pretty soon.

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