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Snarky and sharp-witted, Eve is always up for a battle of wits. Her dry sense of humour and outspoken attitude tends to polarise other dragons attitudes towards her. They either love her, or hate her.

Though highly intelligent, Eve has a superstitious streak. She takes extreme caution with "dangerous" objects such as mirrors, and the sight of a black floracat may cause her to lock herself away in her lair for days to avoid any bad luck.

Eve is the dragon to go to if you want to hear the state of affairs in the clan. She makes a conscious effort to keep up with the latest gossip, and is especially interested in finding out those things others would rather keep secret. Other dragons know well, some of them by unfortunate experience, that she cannot be trusted under any circumstances to keep a secret.

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Understandably, Eve and Persephone's relationship is a little frosty to say the least. Eve did at least try to apologise to Persephone once she was older, which, coming from her was a huge gesture, but overall it was too little too late. The two stay away from eachother, and never speak to one another.

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