You would think that green would blend in with the pestilent landscape of the Wyrmwound- you would be wrong, because Ezras stood out like an emerald in the dirt. Dressed in his finery as he strolled, filigreed details catching the sunlight and tossing it against the ground. The gore around his path didn't seem to bother him in the slightest- nor did it ever seem to bother any of the dragons who made the Wyrmwound their home. He slowed, stopping in front of the entrance to a well-kept lair, and stretched his wings out. He could wait the few minutes for Blight to reach the entrance, sure that at any moment she would come careening down like a shot bird. She always did, just around this time of day, like clockwork. Only a few moments went by before, just as he'd expected, a blur of black and green came plummeting down just a few yards away from him. There was a bit of wing ruffling and careful preening, but before he knew it, his mate was sidled up against him.

Trivia Edit

  • Ezras is a 7 digit dragon
  • Gene plan: Wasp, Bee, Capsule
  • (Discount gene plan: Safari, Rosette, Capsule

Credits Edit

  • Ezras' lore was written by Finian (#83611)

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