"Lighten up, little boss. You really need to ask her to go with you. It's not like it's the end of the world if she rejects you, ya know!"



Fergus's Origins

Affectionately referred to as "Fergie" by his brother and Arcano, Fergus was born in the clan of Verdigris Horn to a Wildclaw and Skydancer pair. Fergus and his brother were best friends, and inseparable. When Verdigris Horn merged with the clan of Viper Star Flotilla, Fergus and Feichin became good friends with Arcano. The three were as close as three dragons could be. Nearly all their days were spent exploring their clan's lair and the lands surrounding it.

The day that Arcano saved Aislinn, Fergus and Feichin were exploring with the Spiral through the Twisting Crescendo. They were searching for any clues of the Windsinger, who had been there a few days before. However, when Arcano heard several screams and cries for help, the Spiral zoomed off to find the source. The brothers couldn't keep up, and searched the Crescendo aimlessly for their friend. When they finally found him, Arcano asked them for help, for he couldn't keep Aislinn airborne all by himself. The two were originally hesitant, not wanting to help a Water dragon, but Arcano told them that as he was a Water dragon as well, they couldn't leave her to die. Over the next few days, Fergus and his brother would return to their lair and visit Arcano as he healed Aislinn, for the Spiral didn't wish to take the Pearlcatcher back to their clan for fear of them killing her.

Over the few days that Arcano healed Aislinn, the brothers could tell that he was beginning to develop feelings for her. Despite their original opposition, they began to slowly encourage him to court her. When Arcano told the brothers that he wished to leave their clan and instead join Aislinn, they were somewhat worried, but let him go, seeing that he truly loved Aislinn.

The Moonlit WavesEdit

Fergus and the Waves

Several years later, Fergus arrived in the Star-Touched Atoll with his brother. Both were injured and bloody. The brothers were found wandering the edges of the Atoll by Galechka, who brought them to Aislinn immediately.


In terms of personality, Fergus can barely be told apart by his brother.


His full name is Fergus Mulligan Aonghuis.

Family TreeEdit


Feichin; Wildclaw


Arcano Growing up with the silent Spiral was never that easy for Fergus. He found it quite hard to communicate with him.



  • His name is Irish for "vigorous man".
  • His hatchday is November 9, 2019.


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