An excerpt of my old bio for them Edit

Festal doesn't suffer fools lightly. For a smaller breed of dragon, he acts like he's 10x his size. He works with the forge, but his work is often less than perfect. This leads to slow production and frequent arguments between Boran and Festal (and it doesn't help that Foinse and Anwyl are harassing him about the constant increased risk of wildfires). Festal has a grudge against Fedelm because Boran asked Fedelm to speak with him and Festal found him insufferably arrogant. Overall, Festal is fiercely proud, and is a bold presence in the Clan.

Spitfire, proud, judgmental

Festal makes his nest underground (courtesy of Phelga and Ruarc) next to the belly of his forge. The forge is located next to the Gladeveins, in case of fire. In relation to Boran's cave, it's to the south, but not so far that you can't smell the smoke, and hear the hiss of cooling metal if you listen hard enough. Milyar's forge is on the other side of the bog, and the two of them work as if the other doesn't exist. 

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