Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Flare was exiled from the Water Flight some time ago. A terrible prophecy was said to be made about her. Though what it is the oracles arn't telling. This led to ridiculous rumors to be spread about Flare. Perhaps she carries a terrible curse or maybe she's secretly an underling of the Shade? Nightbane believed that these rumors were silly and that the water dragons were just being paranoid. I mean really, what can one silly little fae do?

She enjoys finding odd rocks and plants and giving them to other Clan members. She's very artistic and enjoys drawing. She's one of the best artists in the clan, though she doesn't brag about it. But her feelings are easily hurt and she is a bit of a attention hog. She's known to beg quite often and ever since the Wavecrest Saturnalia she has appeared to grow fins and gills somehow. She has started to call herself the 'Ember of the Sea' because of it.

She now enjoys to take trips down to Light's river in order to feel more connected to the Tidelord and her Water ancestors.

She doesn't understand the rumors about her prophecy and at first they bothered her, but now she's learned to shrug them off and ignore them.

Her best friend is Whirlpool and she enjoys to help him with his creative projects and games. Flare has a little bit of a crush on him.

Flare hasn't quite been herself since the fire. She somehow accidentally burned the old clan down. She had no idea how, only that she was frightened for her's and Whirlpool's lives. She doesn't trust herself now. She's afraid she may burst into flames again.

Personality Edit

She is kind and generous, but lately she has been quiet and reserved.

Relationships Edit

Whirlpool: She's had a crush on him since she was a hatchling. They're friends, but it's complicated.

Muerto: She has been teaching Muerto art lessons recently, and is proud of how much he improves each lesson.

Trivia Edit

  • She's heteroromantic ace
  • Her theme song is Monster by Beth Crowley
  • She was one of the first dragons I bought
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