History Edit

Fox was part of Flannery and Abraham's first clutch. Even as a young child, he was impossibly good at sneaking around and ambushing his playmates. Even from a young age, he was in the know about everything going on in clan life.

As he grew, so did his skills. He eventually matured into Clan Aria Echoes's most efficient stealth expert. There wass nothing that went on in clan territory that he didn't know about.

During their time in the Crystalpine reaches, a nocturne merchant by the name Kit appeared in clan territory. Fox, however, immediately detected her duplicity and advised his clan mates to avoid her. He, meanwhile, went to speak to her on his own and eventually convinced her to join the clan.

The two became mates and eventually had three children, but Fox is closest with their only daughter, Persephone.

Personality Edit

Fox is usually quite serious and reserved, but he'll relax around his siblings, wife, and daughter.

He's feels quite responsible for the clan's safety and works hard to monitor the territory. When he slips up, he takes it personally and will often beat himself up for days afterwards.

When making plans, he prefers to have all the information he can find.

Moments Edit

After the Incident Edit

While his clan mates are still reeling from the Incident, Fox and Persephone track down the perpetrators. As they hunt for the Clan's new enemies, fox blames himself for the attack and wondered how he missed such a big threat.

After he and his daughter trek some distance, they find the perpetrators and discover they are mercenaries. Their observation yields no information about who hired the mercenaries or why.

Fissuring Edit

After Kit overhears Lacy and Shepherd's suspicious conversation, she tracks down Fox and Persephone to pass the information to them. Fox makes plans to find more information, but laments Clan Aria Echoes's divided state.

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