Lore Edit

Freya is the Founder of the Western Clan, along with her mate Lopt. The Western Clan was never meant to be a Clan, rather it was supposed to simply be a place for the two to raise a family. This did not happen, however. Freya has two adopted Spiral children, Jormungand, who was called to the service of the Gladekeeper, and Quartz, who is still living in the Clan. Eventually, with Freya's mothering nature, she accepted more and more dragons into the Clan. She stepped back from her role as leader when Amora and Knight joined. They were kind and well suited for the job, and Freya was a mother, not a leader. She helped Amora keep the clan running, and now lends her assistance to Envy. She's a trusted advisor and councilor, something that will be well needed with the Storm brewing on the horizon.

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