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Born to another clan in the Arcane lands, Fruit Salad came to the Krajan Clan in the wake of strange rumors. Whispers of the Deceiver known only as Treesnek had reached the Krajan Clan, insidious whispers brought back both by Magister after his single experience in the Arcane Hunger Games and carried on the wings of other dragons who passed by the lair; still, an innocent Spiral hatchling could not be faulted for the sins of the father, and so Fruit Salad was welcomed into the clan with open wings and bright smiles.

This was a mistake, one they would not discover for months to come.

As time passed and the young hatchling's appearance did not change, the uneasiness grew; whispers of dark magic, evil magic, began to circulate the lair and the other dragons began to shy from the hatchling's presence. The other young dragons in the lair began to avoid her entirely, and more than one superstitious dragon made the claim that she could be heard muttering strange things alone in her chambers in the dead of night.

Tensions began to rise, and still Fruit Salad's unusual presence lingered like a festering sore among the clan.

Strange things began to happen in the clan's territory; visions of odd creatures lurking in the corners just out of sight and disappearing when one turned to look, soft whispers no one could trace and mysterious noises no one could quite place heard in the darkness.

Rumors that Fruit Salad was behind it ran through the clan, but no proof of these claims could be found and the Spiral could not be sent away on such flimsy accusations. Something dark was at play, but none could put a claw on the source, and the tensions continued to climb.

For two years it continued, the never aging Spiral lurking in shadows and whispers growing ever louder whenever she passed.

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And then dragons -- dragon who had been with the clan for years, dragons who'd never once mentioned intending to leave -- began to vanish from the clan lands. Disappeared with nary a word, and never seen again. And finally, with one shakily scrawled sentence on a cave wall the truth came to light.

Fruit Salad had inherited her father Treesnek's dark powers, and his traitorous nature.

Accusations flew hard and fast from all sides, until the clan was left with no choice: Fruit Salad had to be destroyed for the good of the clan. But though they tried, Fruit Salad proved impossible to destroy, so they chose instead to bury her deep within the clan caves where she could no longer do harm.

But dark magic is not caged so easily. Despite her imprisonment, Fruit Salad's powers continue to poison the lands, drawing dark things and darker magic.

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