Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Since she was a hatchling she was trained by her mother to someday become the leader of the clan. Nightbane had high hopes for her first daughter.

But was disappointed to find that Future had no interest in leading the clan.

Future had always wanted to just do her own thing, which included causing trouble and throwing parties.

Personality Edit

Future is laid back and causal. She's a trouble maker had heart, and really loves anything fun. However her laid back nature can sometimes turn into laziness and irresponsibility, and Future has been known to cause careless mistakes.

Future often falls under peer pressure, and she hates to admit it, but she struggles with low self esteem.

Relationships Edit

Nightbane: Her mother. She loves her, but hates the pressure she puts on her to be more responsible.

Icetip: Her father. She enjoys joking around with him.

Morningmist: Her best friend and sister. They get into all sorts of trouble together.

Nightlight: Her deceased little sister. She just wishes she could have saved her.

Hecate: Her mate. She often worries when Hecate pushes herself too much.

Sundial: Her daughter. Hecate found her egg while traveling.

Trivia Edit

  • Theme song: My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark by Fall Out Boy
  • The only dragon from my progens' first nest that I kept
  • I gened her completely myself
  • Sexual orientation: Lesbian
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