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The founder of Clan Scribbles, and one of its three leaders. Galdera is responsible for negotiating with other clans. Trade agreements and agreeing on territory are amongst his responsibilities. He can also communicate with the Plaguebringer directly, and negotiates the prices of lair expansions and more nests with the goddess.

He used to be a incredibly powerful mage, but sustained a near-mortal wound in a battle to defend the clan against a mighty enemy. It took him years of recovery and intense revalidation, and some say he only survived by the grace of the Plaguebringer. One day, he might return to his former power.

His magic remains relatively powerful, even in his weakened state. He prefers to rely on his telekinesis in battle, as most dragons are far larger than him.


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Though his story remains vague, here's how he prefers to tell it. Galdera's parents found themselves travelling through the Wandering Contagion one fateful day. A terrible storm hit, filled with disease and debris. The couple found an abandoned lair, and decided to take shelter there. The lair proved extremely comfortable, given a little care and maintenance. They ended up staying, and had a son.

After they left to serve the Plaguebringer, the now-adult Galdera was alone. He pondered his loneliness for months, until he heard painful groans outside his lair. The Fae went outside, and found a female Mirror, badly injured. He carried her into the lair, and nursed her wounds. After she regained consciousness, she introduced herself as Verona. Little did he know that she would end up being his wife.

Slowly but surely, more dragons found the lair, and found shelter from the dangers of the Scarred Wastelands. Galdera and Verona now had a clan to run, and decided that none of them had all the skills needed to lead the lair. So they approached Black Diamond, the dark-scaled Skydancer managing to keep the refugees calm. They suggested to unite their skills to lead the clan to greatness, and the Skydancer agreed. Galdera, Verona and Black Diamond ran the clan from that moment on, and most of the original settlers now hold important positions in the clan.

Present day

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