History Edit

As a hatchling, Garnet was separated from her family and birth clan in a storm. She found and took shelter with Abraham, and later they ran into Flannery.

While she was scared, she made her best effort to remain upbeat and be helpful. She began looking at the adult dragons as surrogate parents, and came to love them just as much as she loved her birth parents.

Finally, they found her clan, but she couldn't bare the thought of living without her traveling companions. She ultimately made the decision to stay with them permanently, and became one of the founding members of Clan Aria Echoes.

Personality Edit

Garnet has a generally cheerful temperament. She holds her family and friends close, valuing them more than anything else. She's usually very patient and kind, but she's can be strict when it's called for.

As Third-in-Command, Garnet is a natural leader. Many of her clan mates trust her even when they feel like they can't go to Flannery or Abraham.

Roles Edit

Though she is Third-in-Command and technically has many of the same responsibilities as Flannery and Abraham, there usually isn't much left for her after it goes through them. Since the rise of Tess's faction, however, many of Tess's followers find Garnet an easy-to-stomach alternative than approaching Flannery with their needs.

Her most prominent role, however, is scouting Clan Aria Echoes's territory. She leads regular patrols to make sure no one trespasses and look for any unusual changes in the landscape. In the early days of Clan Aria Echoes, Garnet would patrol alone. Now that the clan has grown, however, she usually brings several dragons with her and/or delegates tasks to other groups.

Moments Edit

After the Incident Edit

Garnet was one of the dragons injured in the incident. She was barely conscious (if awake at all) for most of the events immediately afterwards.

Starfall Edit

On the first day of Starfall, Flannery gathers the clan together to call a truth between her followers and Tess's. Garnet, meanwhile stands behind her and wonders what Clan Aria Echoes has come to. When the two finally call the truce, Garnet worries about her family and wishes Tess a happy Starfall.

There's a tense silence before the clan begins to celebrate. Garnet's family gathers together and they wish her a happy Starfall. She starts to sob, trying to pass it off as tears of joy. In reality, Garnet realizes that the peace won't last.

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